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Hello, everyone! This is DNA-The-Authoress here! Just wanted to make a few announcements, most of which you probably already know but I felt compelled to write about anyway. ;P

One: DarthSuki recently decided to step down as the founder (though is still co-founder), and I've stepped into her place. Not much of a difference to you guys as most of you already know me.

Two: samanthakh is our new canon Sherlock, and Papavia-Lorraine97 is our new Lestrade. Because I am a crazy person, I have also taken on fem!Lestrade (:devGenevieveLestrade-RP).

Three: Papavia-Lorraine97 is setting up an OC account for this RP and would like someone to design her icon. Message her for more details. ;)

Four: Now that school is starting for some of us (myself included), the next month or two will probably either slow down or receive a lot of activity, depending on how busy we all are. I'm not sure myself, but I'll try to log on at least once a day. I know it's hard with most of us being in different timezones as well.

If anyone has anything important that I forgot, don't hesitate in messaging me or commenting here. Have a wonderful day/night!

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Group Info

Sherlock is deducing, John is blogging, and Mycroft is off busy being the entire British government. This isn't your ordinary day in London, or an average time on Baker Street. Prepare to be plunged into adventures of love, action, deduction and science!

Role-Play as your favorite characters from the modern day rewrite of Arthur Conan Doyle's old 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes', formally known to most as 'Sherlock' by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

You'll also have the chance to Role-Play as your own OC's, Self-Insert OC's, as well as alternate versions of the main characters (such as genderbent, dark, or AU). So don't let the clues to this case pass you by; after all, to Role-Play here, you'll need to break out your best skills!
Founded 6 Years ago
Apr 8, 2012


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74 Members
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Founder: DarthSuki is responsible for running the group overall, and doing much of the updates, contests, and basic planning to keep everything smooth. Feel free to contact her whenever you have even the slightest problem with any of the rules, or simply don't understand what to do.

Co-Founder: samanthakh and DNA-The-Authoress are vice-president of things. They are happy to work out any problems that might arise, so don't feel hesitant to ever ask them a question or seek advice for RPing in any sort.

RP Accounts (Contributors): These are all the valid, accepted RP accounts that are apart of this group. Once you are accepted and make an account, for whatever character you may have, you will be invited to this level. They are allowed to submit to the group and suggest to the favorites.

Underlings Members: They are able to submit to the group (thought keeping sure that whatever is submitted is RP-related in some way with this group). For example, though you have the account with John on here, you are still allowed to be a member as your personal so you can contribute art and writing from it, not just your RP account.



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Welcome to the 

Sherlock BBC RP Headquarters!


:bulletgreen:OC Applications are OPEN

:bulletgreen:Canon Applications are OPEN

Current Canon Pairings:
:bulletblack:Moriarty/EVERYONE (Mostly Molly):bulletblack:

:star:IMPORTANT:General Rules/Guidelines/Applications:star:

:bulletblack:SherlockBBC-RP-DA's Do And Don'ts: Guide On How To Fit In Tips to help you with Role-Playing here!

Chatting In-Character Vs RPing, The Difference
A good set of reminders to keep in mind when participating in the group!

:bulletblack:Comment RP vs. Chatroom RP
Not sure where to start? Check here for helpful suggestions on which posting style is right for you.

:bulletwhite:If you need assistance creating an avatar, please contact :icondarthsuki: and she will make one for you.

Disclaimer: We, the members of deviantART, do not own any rights on the characters of use (with the exception of Fan Characters). The Sherlock series belongs to Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss and shall rightfully be credited when need be.

:star:Character Availability, Lists, and More!:star:

:bulletblack:Character Availability/Description/Directory:bulletblack:

Need help creating an OC? :icondarthsuki: and :icondna-the-authoress: would be absolutely happy to give you a hand with things.


Keep in mind, all of these chatrooms are for character accounts to use; don't wander into any of these rooms when you are not logged into your character account, since the only ones that will have the ability to actually send messages with only be the characters

Official Chatroom For Live Roleplaying
-For unofficial, fun IC roleplaying

Chatroom For Official (IC) Serious Roleplaying.
-All serious parapost roleplaying will occur here.

Chatroom for OOC chat. 
Please try to keep OOC stuff in here~

Official Chatroom For Violent and Gory Roleplaying.
-The title is pretty self explanatory. In this room you can RP heavy gore, or similar dark themes most people might not wanna see.

Official Chatroom For Smut Roleplaying. (18+)
-In this room, sexual roleplaying can take place. Warning: Not for young children.

Spare Chatrooms (Small/Private RPs)

-Sometimes people want to get away from the chatter in the chatroom and roleplay someplace private with their friends. If you want to privately roleplay among your friends, then go to these chatrooms:

Roleplay Room #1
Roleplay Room #2
Roleplay Room #3

:star:News And Events:star:

Want to know what's going on?Click here for the latest news, roleplay events and updates!


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Lokis1army Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do I start?
ShyScoutMargie Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Im new and I was wondering how I could RP? (And if it was okay to RP in notes; depending on the person im RPing with?)
(2 Replies)
Alice-Smith Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Are there still active rp'ers around here? ))
(1 Reply)
Bedrich-Smetana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Does anyone still use this group or these chatrooms?
(1 Reply)
Consulting-Sidekick Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
((Hello there~

My friend and I are AU!Teen! John and Sherlock, but there isn't a category for that XD

Would it still be alright for us to join?))
(1 Reply)
s-implybrilliant Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
uh do i have to make a separate account for female john since this is a john, or can i just keep this one on there. your john is already here, but female is open. and i would like to apply for that one, but i don't want to make another john account. does that make sense? ugh i suck at questions
(1 Reply)
butterkuppas Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
Do you guys have an OC application template we've got to follow? Just asking, because the idea of a Sherlock OC is rather interesting and I was wondering if I should try.
(1 Reply)
Ask-Fem-Sherlock Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
{ I'm interested in applying for this group with an OC of mine, but is there a limit to how many characters we can rp as? }
(1 Reply)
Merciful-Siren Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Johnlock or ParentLock RP please???
FeralHolmes221 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
how do i make john whiskers? can i roleplay as him?
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